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"The YYGS programme is a microcosm of the globalised world."

2018 BBS Twm from Wales, UK The email appeared. To my excitement and disbelief, it was an acceptance to the YYGS programme. My thought process went into overdrive. A chance to challenge myself. A chance to immerse myself in science. A chance to enlarge and enhance my view of the world and embrace a variety of cultures. To become a Global Citizen. To begin painting my blank canvas. As I entered the iconic green courtyard, my feelings were in all honesty consumed by apprehension. Peeling back this dominant emotion it was evident I was just as eager as apprehensive to experience life in the prestigious university of Yale, to introduce myself to my peers (however daunting) and to learn. ‘Family time’ was my first chance to truly interact and it was my YYGS family who offered the safety net of friends, providing me with an opportunity to share insecurities as well as enjoyment with my YYGS “parent” and my YYGS “siblings”. Reassurance and comfort is the priority in family time, and it

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"This is the kind of experience that I will never get at my high school."

"After YYGS, the names of many countries, in my mind, are not associated with flags or pictures of maps, but the names of the friends I made from those countries and the unforgettable memories we created."

"I have never experienced such a deep cultural immersion for such an extended period of time"

"I truly felt as though I had become somewhat of a global citizen, having listened and indulged in so many of my new lifelong friends’ unique backgrounds and cultures."

"I understood that raising my voice is not a bad thing."

"I learned how to be better scientist, hungry for knowledge and always questioning and wanting to discover more information.

"[YYGS] prompts me to be someone better, more socially engaging and certain that my efforts could make a difference."

"YYGS exposed me to a wide array of views on a single issue."

"The seminars ... helped me to understand the link between politics, law and economics in terms of developing solutions to problems and issues locally, nationally and globally."

"I loved everything about it: the discussion, explanation, engagement, and activities. But what I loved even more was that my seminars really reflected my passions and interests."