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Come on GS, let's get started!

"Talking to Yale faculty after their talks helped me find my way into the world of complexity; their humbleness and willingness to communicate always astounded me."

"This program didn’t just make us learn new things by sitting in the normal lecture halls..."

“I am very fortunate that I got selected into the Yale’s first Science, Policy, & Innovation Program for their Yale Young Global Scholars Program.”

"I looked around me and I thought to myself “YES ! This is what I want, this is how I visualize the upcoming few years of my life”."

"It was...hearing the diverse and intriguing backgrounds of the numerous talented and bright people I met that really inspired me and resulted in me coming back home with renewed passion in everything I do."

"There was never any competition, only camaraderie, and I find that to be absolutely heartening."

"To be accepted and embraced by peers is one of the best feelings in the world."

"My most challenging seminars turned out to be my best learning opportunities."

"Through these two intense weeks, I've learned the importance of true human interaction."

“Don’t Cry Because It’s over; Smile Because It Happened.”