"I looked around me and I thought to myself “YES ! This is what I want, this is how I visualize the upcoming few years of my life”."

With my besties!
Chiraz Layouni
17 years old

“I can't find words to describe how I feel now that I'm back to my home country. The past two weeks I've spent at Yale are priceless. It's true that my time there was limited and it passed by really quickly, but the things I have experienced from lectures, seminars, discussion sessions, project, college life to having fun with my 'new' friends make Yale Young Global Scholars Program the highlight of this summer as well as a milestone in my life.

It's so amazing how, since April 1st when we got our acceptance letters, we started to build our “long lasting friendships”. I remember the first one I have talked to was Ramiz Colak. We've spent almost 5 hours talking about random topics and it was always interesting.

The day I arrived at Yale, my heart was beating so fast. I was so nervous, yet excited, wondering how the next days are going to be. When I met everyone else, I felt relaxed. It felt as if we've known each other forever. Everyone was so nice, open and interested in knowing more about you. As days went by, the people I met became my family and JE felt like home, but also, the program was getting more intense and tougher. To be honest, there were days when I woke up thinking “what did I get myself into”, but now as I look back at my time there, I feel so proud of myself that I 'survived' YYGS and I would give anything to re-live those two weeks at Yale.

One day as I was sitting in the lecture room waiting for the professor, I had a strange feeling. I looked around me and I thought to myself “YES ! This is what I want, this is how I visualize the upcoming few years of my life”. It was a glimpse of the future that I want, and now I'm more than determined to push my potentials as far as possible to get back to Yale ( Hopefully ) or any other great college.
I feel so sad to be thousands of miles away from everyone, but I do carry each of you in a special place in my heart, and I'm sure that someday.. someday we will meet again :)

I'm so grateful to Emily, Ted, Aaron and all of the staff and instructors for those wonderful two weeks.

Thank you so much for the memories, and again, Congrats YYGS – SPI Class of 2014.  Already missing you guys ! Best Of Luck ! :D”

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