"My most challenging seminars turned out to be my best learning opportunities."

Our project group and Logan on Presentation Day!
Rega Sota,
Durrës, Albania
18 years old

"I am already home now and have literally spent the whole day looking at pictures or telling friends and family about my two weeks at YYGS. I have many pictures to show everyone of my dorm, the streets I walked by, the impressive talents at the YYGS Talent Show and the faces of all the wonderful people I met. However, YYGS remains to me much more than the sum of all the memories (I am borrowing this phrase by Thomas Kuhn in one of my seminars, as he said that science is much more than a cumulative process). I have probably experienced some of the most intensive weeks ever at Yale and I believe that that is exactly what I will miss the most about YYGS. While this summer I will have a lot of work to do (being a rising senior in an IB program), working on my own will probably not be as fun as having 200 empowering peers around me every day.

Throughout this program, I had the opportunity to be friends with students from all over the world, very similar or different from me and learn how even opposing viewpoints may simultaneously become revealing and great learning opportunities. When I first opened that Dropbox link one month ago, I didn't foresee the lively inquisitive people I would encounter in all of my lectures or seminars. Before I came at Yale, I was a bit stressed, but I now realize that I could not have been more wrong. My most challenging seminars turned out to be my best learning opportunities. Every time I was participating in a discussion, my initial fears were being fragmented and I saw myself trying to look for the truth behind GMOs, brainstorming to find a solution for preventing the spread of malaria, thinking of an app that would fight obesity and investigating ways of mitigating surgical errors. Every day was demanding, but I came to love the Yale pace of living.

There probably won't be a second YYGS 2014 (unless you guys invent a time machine--I know you can!), but there is a post-YYGS 2014 world out there waiting for all of your brilliant minds!
I think Asfandyar summed up my feelings about YYGS pretty well, when he said "Before coming here I was nervous, but then I realized everyone else was just like me." I encountered many of my initial fears in others, but those vanished and I believe to have made the most out of the amazing resources –seminars, lectures and friendships--that Yale offered me. I now carry the enthusiasm of all the Yale Young Global Scholars Class of 2014.

I want to end by thanking everyone for transforming two summer weeks into a lifelong memorable experience. Words do not suffice in describing how encouraging this program was for me. We definitely were "an exciting bunch.""

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