"Through these two intense weeks, I've learned the importance of true human interaction."

My amazing discussion group with instructor Carlene!
Tiffany Jann
California, USA
17 years old

"Yale's Young Global Scholars Program left me with a whole new standard for relationships. Hailing from the Silicon Valley area, I was more than accustomed to talking to friends via text, email, social media, etc. In fact, most of my conversations with even my closest friends took place online. After two weeks at Yale with some of the most inspiring and amazing people in the world, I am growing unsatisfied with this seemingly "fake" medium of conversation and am developing a strong lust for personal interactions.

This was made possible by the warm atmosphere of Yale and the YYGS program, where I was always surrounded by friends and (almost) always able to engage in personal or group conversations. Even more so, this was made possible by the students and instructors of YYGS. Everyone at YYGS brought with them an unique background and an eagerness to share. The relationships I've formed there were beyond legendary, but now that I'm home, I suffer from withdrawal. It's Day Two of life after YYGS, and after trying to maintain the friendships I've made at Yale online, I felt so lacking and strange chatting the people I've spent countless hours face-to-face conversing worldly or philosophical topics with.

Through these two intense weeks, I've learned the importance of true human interaction. I've experienced the power of building relationships in person, and have learned to appreciate the time I get to be with friends. Perhaps the simple idea of fully immersing with intelligent and caring people all over the world is what makes YYGS such an unique and memorable experience, and if this is true, now that I am armed with this new revelation, I hope to make YYGS experiences everywhere I go."

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