"Stone Soup"

Justin Yue
16 years old
My Last Residential Life group meeting!

My Project Group and Lily & Con's other Groups on Graduation Day
"It is only by sharing that we may make a feast." This simple yet intrinsic moral from the famous legend "Stone Soup" truly embodies my experience at the Yale Young Global Scholars Program. Throughout these two weeks I've forged friendships and learned that I've apparently been pronouncing the word "Aluminum" wrong according to British and Australian English standards. I bonded with my suitemates, classmates, and friends over the silliest and craziest things, but was also able to discuss with them issues happening around the world.

Throughout these two weeks I've gained a better understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the global community. While doing researching and collaborating with my other project group members, did I truly start to realize that the world we live in is becoming more inter-related and that it is our duty as the next generation of global citizens to try and find solutions to world issues. I also learned that every decision, no matter how well-planned and thought out, comes with consequences. There is no such thing as a final answer to solve an issue, but there will always be ways to improve and make the world we live in better.

Most importantly, throughout these two weeks I've learned to be receptive and appreciative of the diversity in ethnicities, beliefs, and work ethics of everyone. From participating in various discussion-based activities, I gained so much insight from the different perspectives of the YYGSP faculty and from my classmates and friends. In particular, the diversity sessions made me realize that we are so much more than what our social class, nationality, and other physical attributes define us as. We are also dancers, soccer players, thinkers, collaborators, and team members. But most importantly we are all people, and we all have something to bring to the table, or in this case to the soup cauldron. Although the program is over and I am far away from my friends and fellow-soup makers, I now have a part of our YYGSP soup and I will forever remember the warmth and comfort from those two weeks.

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