"Those smiles, those friendships, and those memories are all real."

Apoorva Krishnan
16 years old

There are many things I treasure about my time at YYGS. Among them were the opportunity to meet such accomplished role models, the intellectual atmosphere I have always drifted towards, and of course the two hundred and three wonderful people to whom I now feel so close. Above all this, however, was the simple fact that I was happy to be there.

This picture was taken right after the talent show on day twelve of the program. There were only four of us at first, singing together outside as any grand strategists would, enjoying the beautiful view of the campus at night.

We were joined by everyone else in the picture, and for once I can honestly say that there is nothing posed about it. Those smiles, those friendships, and those memories are all real. YYGS offers more perspectives than I can count, and it is that diversity that holds us together in the end.

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