"Coming out of YYGS, I am a more critical thinker, a more confident speaker, and a more motivated global scholar."

Alicia Hu
16 years old

When I first arrived on the Yale campus, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the next two weeks. I couldn’t have known that they were to be two of the most incredible weeks in my life, filled with early morning debates and late night laughter. I would have never imagined how this opportunity would allow me to grow and change far more than any class at school. The Yale Young Global Scholars program truly opened my eyes to all the possibilities that exist in the world of global affairs and beyond.

Though each aspect of the program – lectures, seminars, project groups – taught me about issues and subjects I would never have the chance to discuss normally, the best part was sharing the experience with my truly inspiring peers. While all of us have a common passion in global affairs, our diverse backgrounds and talents gave us each something unique to contribute to the group. The first day, I was surprised at how easy it was strike up a conversation and form a connection with everyone I met. Soon, it felt like we had known each other for months, or even years, instead of just days. From trying to prevent a coup in Kenya to dancing together in the courtyard, the friendships I made were unexpected, but absolutely wonderful.

I am so grateful to all the instructors, the lecturers, and my fellow YYGS students. Coming out of YYGS, I am a more critical thinker, a more confident speaker, and a more motivated global scholar. Only a week ago, all of us were together in Jonathan Edwards, celebrating what we had managed to accomplish in such a short period of time as budding Grand Strategists. I wish everyone the best of luck as they move forward towards ever greater achievements. Someday we’ll see each other again, and remember how we shared this grand adventure together.

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