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"The friendships I made over these two weeks will forever take a place close to my heart – the smiles and laughter of each and every yygs-er has ingrained itself into my memory."

"Simulation is the most interesting and exciting part during IAS: we pretend to be an important and different role in a organization or country. We come to work, discuss and argue together and experience a life as a leader, diplomat or journalist."

"A favorite memory of BBS I always will remember is not a specific favorite memory, but the people I’ve met, all from so many different places with many different stories to tell."

"Between everything I learned about climate change and meeting hundreds of new friends, YYGS broadened my horizon. It was an experience I will never forget, a memory I left in the past with tears in my eyes."

"I will never forget the moment I received an email saying that I had been granted the opportunity to attend the YYGS program on a Travel Scholarship. Before that moment, my mom was about to call off all my preparations due to financial constraints."

"From the moment I first stepped into Pierson College I was greeted and warmly welcomed by an awesome staff of instructors; little did I know that my amazement with the program was just at the very beginning. Friendships were already being made, conversations started, and everyone was really excited that all the previous virtual conversations could finally be translated into face-to-face discussion."

"I had the same feelings when I was entering Phelps Gate. I literally felt like Harry Potter. I could not believe that it was happening to me, the girl from Moscow province. But it was real."

"If I hadn’t received the travel scholarship, I wouldn’t have participated in the program."

"Coming from a middle class family in India, spending 2 weeks at Yale was something that I had previously only dreamt about, but with the help of a kind benefactor such as you, I was able to realize this treasured dream and spend some memorable time with students of extraordinary calibre from all around the globe."