"If I hadn’t received the travel scholarship, I wouldn’t have participated in the program."

Sefinew Misganaw

I want to give great thanks to the donor who covered my flight cost and ground transportation. Without their help I could not have attended the Yale Young Global Program. I wish I could know them and tell them more about my future goal. This person’s help changes my life and they will forever be a part of my life story.  The program gave me a life changing experience. Months ago, I only thought about my school activities. I didn’t have the time to think as international student.  My life, my goals and my future were limited by my country. But now, the Yale Young Global Program has helped me to think “outside the box”.

When I wrote the essay for my Yale application, (Please describe the factor that has most influenced you and your hopes and dreams and how have they shaped you?) I had said this on the conclusion part, “If I didn’t find the geography book in the 6th grade who knows what my hope and dreams would be. This Yale Young scholar opportunity is another factor that can influence my hopes and dreams even further and maybe help me to one day answer these questions. ” after I participated the program this statement has become true. I learned the environmental problems of our world and the environmental polices of different countries. I now understand that the responsibility of solving these problems are in my generation. I have aspired to become an astrophysicist to do whatever I can to solve these types of problem.

Now I am an international student. I have a number of friends from South Korea, China, USA, Armenia and more. I have heard the incredible stories of people that came from both good and bad situations. For example, the girl who comes from Zimbabwe told us about the white Zimbabwean violation of the right to ownership of their land and in Pakistan, we heard about the mascara on the girl’s school friends by the terrorist’s group. This is not the only thing I have learned from the program. I have also learned about international environmental conventions like that of Paris and Copenhagen.

Both my father and my mother are teachers but their annual income is lower than $2500, so you can guess easily that if I hadn’t received the travel scholarship, I wouldn’t have participated in the program. Even though my tuition was fully covered by Yale, I couldn’t have found the money to travel to the United States. I don’t have the words to express my feelings. I understand that a one page letter is not enough to thank you but one day I am confident that I will get the chance to express my gratitude in person.

Thank you, Thank you very much! Without you, I wouldn’t have had this miracle experience.

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