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"So without further ado, here are the top ten reasons why YYGS was the best two weeks of my life and why I’m sure they’ll be the best two weeks of yours as well."

"To think that Yale Students took the seminars is just surreal because the information was just so in depth and thought-provoking. I’m still in awe!"

"As for lectures and seminars, I had never had more interesting discussions! I got a chance to pose questions to renowned professors who gave intriguing lectures and were leaders in their field."

"It was amazing to have a focused set of courses and lectures because even though all of us scholars came from so many different backgrounds and experiences, we all shared similar interests and goals in life."

"In Serbia, my country, people believe that such chances exist only for wealthy and privileged students. However, I proved contrary. Yale University opened new doors for me this summer, granting me the full financial aid to attend the program."

"I was surprised at how such a diverse group could have so much in common."

"It occurred to me that this was where I wanted to spend the next chapter of my life. Studying. Learning. Experiencing. Living."

"At YYGS, I can honestly say that I became a true young scholar and I am very thankful to those who enabled me to be so."

"From Mexico to Macedonia, every single person I got to know at the “Yale Young Global Scholars: Science Policy and Innovation” program was one of a kind. Everyone had their own experiences, their own aspirations and creative ideas to share with everyone else. I met rising entrepreneurs and leaders both in scientific research and social activism. I met the type of people before I had only read about in newspaper articles and online blogs. I got to live among a community that represents the future of the world, and I was mesmerized by it."

"Ten Thousand Five Hundred Miles Away From Home…"

"I cannot talk about YYGS experience without talking about the amazing culturally diverse environment it has and how this environment can bring a positive change to the world."

"Yale shall always be part of me wherever I go and I shall live to spread its uniqueness to every single person I collide with."

"But the most amazing thing about YYGS is they accepted me regardless of my financial situations. It is probably the biggest gift I have ever received."

"This program made me realize how big the world really is and that some of Brazilian’s problems can also happen in Rwanda and some Hungarian solutions can be applied in Brazil."

"I left YYGS with the following 8 takeaways..."

"Everything there was special and amazing."

"Till now I remember those two intense weeks of academic life, new acquaintances and, of course, the awesome experience that I acquired from the wonderful professors and individuals at Yale. It was the place where my dreams began…"

"He said to remember that we are all human, and that, no matter what our differences are, they are never enough for to justify us turning against each other. That, in a nutshell, is what YYGS teaches you."

"For all of us, The Art of War was the first taste we got of what was to come at YYGS."

"It was just this kind of intellectual stimulation that I was hoping for when I decided to attend YYGS."

“You all want to be leaders but not everyone can be the President of Kenya; sometimes you just have to work with the government you’ve got.”

"Nobody fits in because everybody stands out uniquely. There was no time for homesickness as the days would be occupied with fun and challenging new experiences."

"Open my eye, yeah, it was only just a dream." Except that it is not. It is 100% real.

"It really was a once in a lifetime event, but its impact will undoubtedly be felt for the rest of mine."

"The friendships formed are deep, grounded in not just shared appreciation for books or music, but also cultures, languages, and the drive to exercise our agency in helping to solve pressing problems."

"Young people in today's society could often be neglected, but at YYGS, we were taken seriously and every instructor listened to our opinions and ideas with respect and truly believed in us."

"At the end of it, it occurred to me that it was alright not to always have something to say – but to always say anything you have."

"Seven Nation Army"

"Forever Grateful"

"I look back longingly but lovingly"

"Topics to never avoid over dinner at YYGS: Politics and Religion"