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"The friendships formed are deep, grounded in not just shared appreciation for books or music, but also cultures, languages, and the drive to exercise our agency in helping to solve pressing problems."

"Young people in today's society could often be neglected, but at YYGS, we were taken seriously and every instructor listened to our opinions and ideas with respect and truly believed in us."

"At the end of it, it occurred to me that it was alright not to always have something to say – but to always say anything you have."

"Seven Nation Army"

"Forever Grateful"

"I look back longingly but lovingly"

"Topics to never avoid over dinner at YYGS: Politics and Religion"

"The fact that everyone was encouraged to be themselves and was accepted for all their differences is reflective of the YYGS community."

"It takes a special set of circumstances and context to facilitate such possibilities; it takes people who are willing to not only voice their ideas, but to be receptive to the ideas of others."

"As an Instructor, I too had never delved into the intellectually challenging environment of YYGS. Like the students, I felt excited to interact with inquisitive youths from around the globe."

"Today we are hearing from Jake Sullivan, who has served as national security advisor to Vice President Biden and deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among other incredible achievements."

"The experience was very valuable and a great way to explore interesting issues that we may never had the opportunity to learn about before in a truly impressive setting."

"The seminar helped me create an educated stance on the current issue."