"Forever Grateful"

Celine Aju

A lost generation? I think not although this was my perception of the generation I was born into.

It might seem mundane that it was the life of Paul Rusesabagina that altered my perception of the generation I live in although coming from a community populated with teen musicians and monetary motivated youths you could understand my plight.

I was bothered by how everyone was quick to accept a mediocre way of life and the fact that “scholarly” conversations were constantly dwindling. The lack of opportunities and opportunists did not help matter and soon I was at the tail end of a cliff about to tip over to the other side.

I guess life had one last surprise for me because I soon moved into Jonathan Edwards College. It seemed like a long shot since I was surrounded by people from all over the world with different mindsets and perceptions of life but fortunately for me these “people” created a balanced community. I attest to this because I met personalities with the mindset that “we are responsible to ourselves as people and not as citizens of different countries” and others, who like the vast majority, acknowledge the flaws in things but go the extra mile to look for plausible solutions rather than waste time condemning the obvious flaws.

It might as a result of the fact that my sphere of influence was small but sitting in the YYGS theatre on that faithful night relived me of my greatest fear. Which was that the “leaders of tomorrow” had missed the bus to training camp and instead were at the club dancing with the Stars. For the first time in a long time I felt hope, hope that we would be great, hope that we would change the world with our grand strategy. Best of all hope for a tomorrow that once seemed non-existent.


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