"Seven Nation Army"

Kayla Jahangiri

"My seven nation army can't hold me back." I've been hearing those words in my head, and my headphones, for the past two weeks at Yale. Like most students, I was listening to music during free time one night at Yale when the song came on. In the midst of singing, I looked around and realized there was literally a seven nation army around me. Sitting around the hammock were students from Greece, France, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, the US and Argentina - we were truly a seven nation army.

As we played this song throughout the next two weeks, I realized that our army expanded much more than just seven nations. We were a 93 nation army with 203 soldiers from all across the globe. Ethiopia, Belgium, Peru, Greece, South Korea, Singapore, Canada, Syria,  Hungary and from nearly every other country in the world. Everyone came from all corners of the globe to be together for two weeks at Yale. For two short weeks, Yale became a melting pot for students from various backgrounds to come together. While realizing the stark differences between me and my peers, I also realized the many similarities. Different things brought us all together, whether it be the mutual struggles of the International Baccalaureate program, love for soccer (or football as the rest of the world calls it), or an interesting discussion prompted by that morning's lecture. As we sat there talking, we could forget about our differences momentarily. For that moment, it didn't matter that we were from opposite ends of the world, from different religious or cultural backgrounds, all that mattered is that we were together at Yale, immersed in our conversation.

Years from now, I won't remember what we learned in our lectures, but I'll remember talking with all of my peers, watching culture blend together to form this amazing, unparalleled culture of YYGS. I'll always remember my 93 nation army.

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