"It really was a once in a lifetime event, but its impact will undoubtedly be felt for the rest of mine."

Brennan. P. Carman
New York, USA

Thank You YYGS.

There are times when a simple “thank you” fails to capture the true intensity of the speaker’s intentions. Yet here I am, attempting to express gratitude for an experience that I honestly cannot yet grasp the full significance of. Can I say that YYGS gave me the most enjoyable two weeks I’ve ever had? That would neglect the depth of the experience. Can I say simply that YYGS changed me as a person? That would sound far too trite, however accurate it may be. No, I doubt that I will be able to adequately sum up my appreciation for what I gained from YYGS. Still, I will try nonetheless…

So thank you to all of the instructors, lead instructors, lecturers, and faculty. Your passion was evident. From analyzing the significance of Dr. Vannevar Bush’s quotes with Ted Wittenstein to discussing research and the genetic aspect of immunology over lunch with Keerthi, you were always available for dialogue and happy to be bombarded with questions. Whether we were working on our capstones, out bonding over family dinner, or tackling some crazy ethical dilemma in discussion session, your eagerness to give guidance really showed that you care. That makes all the difference.

Thank you to administrators, to the directors, and to the program staff. I had never imagined that the program could be run so smoothly. Your obviously painstaking planning certainly paid off. With a schedule that made sure that we were challenged (and I mean that sincerely), but was flexible enough to let meaningful bonds form, YYGS struck just the right balance.

I most definitely could not forget my fellow YYGS Science, Policy, and Innovation students. You are my friends, my colleagues, my family, and you have made my experience unforgettable. When I decided to attend YYGS, I knew that I was going to be having an international opportunity. What I could not have anticipated is that for two weeks, I would be at the very intersection of cultures and perspectives from around the world. I have loved discussing the difficult questions that face our future with you, and I have loved having my eyes opened to pressing questions that I never considered. A more promising, welcoming community would be near impossible to find. We’ve shared exotic tea, funny stories from our homelands, and serious opinions. I know that the friendships I’ve made at YYGS will continue to stimulate and enrich me far into my future. I’ll be in touch…

And finally, I have to thank Yale. What a place to spend a very eventful (very hot) two weeks of the summer! I cannot imagine a more suitably intellectual environment for the kinds of idea we were probing and topics we were exploring. Jonathan Edwards College was magical (because I am pretty sure that we all agree its actually Hogwarts). I am also glad that Yale is committed to inspiring high-school students to view the global picture and take responsibility for the future of the world through the YYGS program. I can personally attest to its immense success.

It is a rare privilege to be able to say that an experience changed your view of the world, and is perhaps even more rare to mean it as sincerely as I do now. Yes, I do not think that I can fully describe my Yale Young Global Scholars experience or my gratitude for it in words. It really was a once in a lifetime event, but its impact will undoubtedly be felt for the rest of mine.

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