"Yale shall always be part of me wherever I go and I shall live to spread its uniqueness to every single person I collide with."

Daniel Deng

Yale Young Global Scholars is a program whose worth is incomparable to any other. My two-week period of the International Affairs session was the most wonderfully spent moments of my life. The experience with other outstanding high school students across all the continents is beyond description by mere words. For the first time ever my heart felt at home as my spirits of change to the people of my beloved continent; Africa got boosted immensely by the wonderful people I met at Yale.

It is at Yale that I learnt the true definition of true friendship and the act of dynamic brotherhood. Everyone was at your doorstep eager to offer you the assistance that you needed. Yale’s staffs are the greatest mentors I have ever encountered since I began my long journey of learning. Not only were they ready to blow up our minds with inspirational ideas but also went as far as making each and every one of us stay comfortable without reluctance.

Yale played an instrumental role in nourishing young leaders. Since we are the leaders of tomorrow, I learnt a lot of leadership skills from the Yale Community. These, I believe, would serve as weapons in my endeavors to shed light to my people whose lives have been surrounded by severe servitude and poverty. I learnt these great lessons both from the students I interacted with and also from the top leaders and icons who gave us lectures.

As Nelson Mandela once said; one has an obligation to oneself, one’s family, to the society and to the nation at large. It from the program that I came to the realization of what my role in the community really was. I learnt from the many achievements made by my fellow students and which were geared towards giving back to their communities.

I cannot complete this without mentioning Yale’s generosity and whole-heartedness. In respect to those outstanding students whose financial background could not allow them to attend the program, Yale awarded them with financial bursary so as to put everyone at the same level. My dreams of ever attending the YYGS 2015 were almost shuttered until I received an email notifying me as one of the students who had been given a full scholarship for the program. I wonder at how I can reciprocate the love and kindness that Yale showed to me by awarding me with such a scholarship.

As I prepare to complete my High school studies, I pray that one day I shall land in no other place but Yale. Yale shall always be part of me wherever I go and I shall live to spread its uniqueness to every single person I collide with.
Thank you so much Yale.

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