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"Throughout the process, we have grown intellectually and emotionally, learned to open our minds in order to see the world in many different ways, and been inspired."

"We all contributed, working together as a seamless unit."

"Those of us attending this Yale program are truly privileged."

"A whirlwind of activity, action, debate, and excitement."

"I am thinking more and more frequently about what it will truly mean to live on my own and experience the world."

"My advice to anyone about to participate at YYGS is to embrace it all."

"I would return to Yale in a heartbeat."

"Although we were all from different corners of the world and had different stories and perspectives, we all shared an eagerness and passion for learning."

"It is the epitome of the collaborative spirit that is being instilled in us."

"With each new person I meet, I am blown away by their unique sense of determination, passion, and drive."

"As far as I can tell, he was beaming throughout."

"That didn’t stop us from being just as excited for a jammed packed day."

"Plastic - A Plague Turned to Provider."

" - Together We Inspire Growth."

"An Opportunity of a Lifetime."

"It wasn’t until this night that I began to deeply cherish these precious memories."

"I turn a little misty-eyed as I see the joy, camaraderie, and amity displayed."