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"Why I started Bridge the Divide"

"I never got bored, for I was actually wishing the program lasted longer to hear more incredible stories from Syria by a Syrian, Brazil by a Brazilian or South Africa by a South African."

"When I say community, I don’t mean just the students, but also instructors, interns, lecturers and directors, who were all incredibly warm, passionate and intelligent people ready to share their perspectives on a topic or engage in debate."

" I did not know that I was about to be hit by a truck load of knowledge on topical issues like my seminar on the #Black Lives Matter movement right down to the lecture on the Economics of Trumpism."

"YYGS provided homes within homes, families within families, all of whom were friends. I can't wait to see how they, and all future and former YYGS students, surpass the stars."

"This, my friends, is YYGS. This is true education. This is true friendship. This is the real experience."

"Although we were all so unique and different, it still felt that we were all the same, united by YYGS and our interest in biology."


"Be yourself, demonstrate your intellectual curiosity and be willing to have room for growth."

"YYGS began years ago, the moment we all, in our own particular way, slowly started building up for this moment."