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"YYGS encourages a thinking culture where everyone is there to enhance the experiences of others."

"I am not good at writing pieces of literature that bring tears to my readers eyes but I am good at being honest and what I have to say about my YYGS experience is nothing but that."

"I was amazed at how there had previously been such a tremendous disconnect for me between all these bits and pieces of information drawn from a multitude of classes."

3 things to "pack" for YYGS

"I have never felt so confident in my abilities and the power of my voice."

"Learning from renowned professors, interacting with incredibly talented instructors, being supported by all of the interns and other staff members, and bonding with other students both academically and socially was a truly unforgettable experience."

" It makes us reconsider some of our more provincial outlooks, and feeds those small, idealistic voices within us that truly believe in world peace, in humanity’s capacity to compromise."

"The long table across the room was like a miniature globe-- surrounded by individuals from all over the country, all around the world."

"The most powerful motivation to achieve my dream of US study is by far to be reunited with my YYGS companions."