"The most powerful motivation to achieve my dream of US study is by far to be reunited with my YYGS companions."

Oliver Osei-Asibey
United Kingdom

Attending the Applied Science & Engineering session of Yale Young Global Scholars 2016 was undoubtedly the best experience of my life! Thanks to this experience, I have found the confidence to pursue the US as my top destination for further education studies - a concept that seemed very unachievable and unrealistic beforehand.

Before attending I knew very little about the US education system and I ended up leaving almost being an expert in the system (and several other global education systems from Australia to Ethiopia!) thanks to the plethora of diverse and talented like-minded individuals I met- some I which I have undoubtedly formed lifelong friendships with. Thanks to this program I know I have a brother or sister in every corner of the world from Texas to Mexico City to Melbourne.

 The most valuable thing these 14 days have taught me is that it really is possible to connect with people separated by borders and seas (making my dream of US study a bit less scary!). I will never forget the amazing seminars, lectures and discussions which stretched and challenged my mind; spanning topics from ethics of artificial intelligence to economics of pollution control. Brian Scassellati’s lecture on ‘Robots that teach’ exposed me to the progressive research and amazingly interactive professors at Yale who have all deeply motivated me challenge myself through extracurricular activities and strive for the best scores possible.

However, the most powerful motivation to achieve my dream of US study is by far to be reunited with my YYGS companions. It seems unimaginable that this experience would have passed me by if it was not for the generous scholarship I received. Thank you for an experience that will definitely remain in my heart for the rest of my life.

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