"Sincere thanks go to YYGS administration committee which awarded me with a tremendous fully paid scholarship."

SEE 2016
Rebecca Kabagimu

It has not yet occurred to me that I attended YYGS. Coming from a slum area in Uganda (Katwe), I never saw myself experiencing this opportunity where I could learn and get exposed to so much that I didn't know. I seriously embraced the knowledge. It took me out of my hidden world. I lived my life's dream. Back home girls are victims of gender based violence and patriarchy but due to this great experience at Yale, I have the strength and confidence to make a change. Attending the SEE program was a great challenge at first but I caught up with lessons and everything after a short time. Science is not my passion but I realized that it's something to be adopted even at a small extent for the betterment of the world. I never imagined learning about climate change since my country is among those who do not believe in climate change. I now know how to communicate to people about climate change without explaining science but using other techniques.

Being surrounded by people from over 100 countries was something I never imagined. I was nervous about it but it turned out great. I learnt so much from them and I constantly felt like I in was in their countries already. We all shared the kind of bonding that is indescribable. It was fun how I made a new friend everyday. These are the people who added up too much value to my life. These friendships are not short term, they are forever-lasting. We shared so much and I realized that we all have the burning hope within our hearts for changing the world into a better place, suitable for everyone despite of nation, color, and race.

Sincere thanks go to YYGS administration committee which awarded me with a tremendous fully paid scholarship. They were very many applicants who had stories like mine, but still I was chosen. It was a blessing and I can not stop thanking YYGS for that.

Life is never the same when you attend YYGS. Inspirations come your way everyday and you also stand out as an inspiration to many. Attending the SEE program also made me realize interests and what I would like to do in college.

I have created friendships which I am sure will last forever and I will strive hard to make a change in the world. I am ready to spread the word about YYGS in Uganda. Now we are four YYGS alumni from Uganda and we are already creating a community so that we can work as a team and make YYGS grow in Uganda. LONG LIVE YYGS.

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