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"I learned so much about our global and local environment, about sustainability efforts and ideas discussed throughout the world and even in my own city."

"I got a snapshot of university life."

"YYGS had been simply 20,160 minutes of memories I would cherish forever, of building friendships I would maintain for life and learning lessons that would continually resonate in my mind."

"I grew not only as a student, but also a person and conscious citizen of the world because of the experiences I had inside and outside of the classroom."

"Every single day, I had my mind opened, my opinions challenged, and my ideas celebrated."

"I was astounded to find myself surrounded by peers from over 120 countries, all with different talents and experiences."

"Thank you YYGS for making me understand that I had potential inside me, and that I should not underestimate myself."

“I met people from all around the world and experienced such a culturally diverse community with students who were all very academically inclined.”

"I was surrounded by people who were constantly talking about important international issues, sharing innovative project ideas, exploring each others’ cultures, and learning about the subjects they’re most passionate about."

"[YYGS] is a program that truly believes in students, while helping them invest their time and effort to make them reach hidden potentials."

"Science makes our world a better place, and [YYGS] ignited a spark in me that thrives to explore and augment our knowledge in science."

"Never have I been surrounded by such a diverse and driven group of students."

"YYGS has taught me beyond all my previous [descriptions]. It has taught me what one might not learn from books."

"YYGS was a plot twist in my self-discovery story."

"YYGS not only did satisfy, but it exceeded my scientific cravings. Instructors were as eager as we were to share their knowledge and expertise and cover every area our curiosity probes."

"This experience has influenced me in various ways. I found out that diversity is the perfect way to understand the world, respecting others and being able to hear their opinions which are different from your own."

"I saw the world differently; one hundred and fifty nationalities embarking a journey of great happiness, love, peace and mainly science."

"At YYGS you will never find only one perspective. When you are dealing with great students and staff from different backgrounds, you will find out that every single one has his own point of view about a certain topic."

"My self-centered way of looking at this world diminished; I started realizing the significance of cultures and different civilizations. I was privileged to respect and be exposed to different ethics and doctrines."

"The simulations taught us teamwork, discipline, and dedication. The capstone project taught us co-operation, how to research, what to research, and how to identify issues with your work. YYGS: the best two weeks of my life."

"YYGS has shifted my perspective that I had on the world. It has made me aware of the problems that we suffer from and the huge potential that we hold to change the world."