"I understand how YYGS unifies people. I understand how people from all over the world get together and become friends, even though most them had never met each other before."

SEE 2016
Hayk Arabyan

Everything started in autumn 2015, when I heard about the program. Since then, I became a “big fan” of Yale. I started to read articles about notable alumni of the college, their life story and the history of one of the oldest US universities. So, as a matter of fact, I was amazed when I read my acceptance letter.

The SEE session was fascinating and involved many interesting world problems. I broadened my horizons, started think about our planet’s problems critically and became a real “world citizen”.

When I first entered the campus I somehow felt a special spirit. I realized how one day Bill and Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and John Kerry have entered this university, and now they shape our world. So, the first thing I noticed in YYGS, was the friendly atmosphere. I was quite surprised when I first saw people that I hadn’t met before greeting me. So, I kind of got into that atmosphere, and started to meet people, greet them and make friends.

The lectures were fascinating and the fact that they were told by world-famous scientists strengthened my devotion to that sphere and I asked them many questions about the topic and had interesting discussions with them. Thanks to the Michelle Addington’s lecture, I started a WFUNA program in my school, trying to implement sustainable methods and ideas in the construction of buildings in Armenia.

The seminars were inspirational as well. The fact that, there were taught by Yale students, enlarged and broadened the directness among the instructors and participants. The group discussions and individual tasks helped to increase the motivation and helped each student to express their opinion. I liked a lot the seminar on Product design. The idea of circular economy interested me a lot, so I had interesting discussions and with my instructor, who provided me with many interesting resources and materials, which helped me to gain an enormous amount of knowledge about this topic.

The most interesting part of YYGS was the Capstone project, during which students do a research on a specific topic. The group discussions, the full access to all library resources and the friendly attitude of the instructors towards us helped to make an interesting scientific research. My group’s research topic was on plastic alternatives. We explored many options, and finally chose biodegradable plastics and suggested some variants to use them in industry.

The free time in YYGS was full of fun. I learnt to play Frisbee and Rugby, and thanks to that, I got close to other participants. Now, when I throw a glance and remember those days I understand how YYGS unifies people. I understand how people from all over the world get together and become friends, even though most them had never met each other before. Another interesting part were lunches and dinners with the professors. Thanks to them, I raised questions relating to my country and interests, and, also, they helped the professors and participants to get closer.

Yes! It’s hard to imagine that YYGS has passed. However, now I take all these memories with me and can proudly say that I am Yale Young Global Scholar.

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