"I am leaving [YYGS] recognizing that I am an activist, and I will work to make that change in the world, no matter how small I start."

FMS 2017
Tabreek from Pakistan

My name is Tabreek and I am a Pakistani citizen living in Kyrgyzstan and studying in Kenya as well as a permanent resident of Canada. I am a rising junior, and I feel that YYGS was a perfect opportunity for me to meet new people, interact with my interests better, and explore new areas of math and science that I wasn’t so familiar with. With wonderful past experiences I was really excited to be at Yale and meet young global scholars from all over the world. Positivity and an urge to learn is what has made my experience complete. Meeting people globally, understanding new perspectives, finding out about their interests has taught me that everyone has something to offer.

I have always had deep interests throughout math and science, however I wasn’t so familiar with the possible applications that involve interests in such subject areas. FMS gave me that opportunity to explore different STEM related careers, and specifically gave me a better idea of the different types of fields that are flourishing highly in today’s world. I was very privileged to be in an atmosphere that involved wonderful researchers who were many of our lecturers, as well as interact with undergraduate and graduate students from Yale itself, allowing me to experience the learning atmosphere within the campus. While the campus is really beautiful, I particularly enjoyed the positivity and happiness with the wide variety of options. I have also learned that the more open minded you are, the more you can learn. I have never had high interests in biology, I am mostly interested in physics and chemistry. However, YYGS showed me how the medical field has a majority of the applications in mechatronic engineering and robotics, which is what I want to study in the future. This taught me to be more open to new ideas, and to never block off opportunities because of higher interests in other subject areas. The rigorous schedule everyday has allowed us to interact with various different groups which facilitated us bonding with others – from our suites, to our families, to our discussion groups, to our capstone groups. Each of these was a unique opportunity to grow, and I am truly grateful for having such an opportunity. The amazing friendships I have made here will last a lifetime, the knowledgeable instructors I have met throughout my journey during FMS will stay my inspiration and will be people I will always look up to.

Overall, YYGS was a very rewarding experience for me, and indeed I am leaving as a different person from here – as a better version of myself. Someone who is more aware of the possible careers in my interest areas, someone who has a deep urge to learn more through research and explore things on my own, someone who has understood the importance of learning from peers, and learn to appreciate diversity a lot more. Meeting the many students in the first two sessions at YYGS, I learned each of their stories, and their goals in life – many of which have truly inspired me to work harder towards my goal. I can confidently say I am leaving this place recognizing that I am an activist, and I will work to make that change in the world, no matter how small I start.

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