"[YYGS] undertakes the monumental task of blending hundreds of cultures and customs under one roof. "

FMS 2017
Michal from Illinois, USA

My name is Michal and I am a rising junior from southern Illinois. Yale Young Global Scholars Frontiers in Math and Science (FMS) has given me an opportunity of a lifetime; the chance to experience my goals on the campus of my dreams. I have a goal to attend Yale College and I hope to someday be a forensic chemist, earning my doctorates degree in chemistry. Prior to this camp I had visited the Yale campus, but this program gave me the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the community and educators. The lectures were not only informative, but offered an engaging environment to actively participate in my learning. Following each lecture we broke into discussion groups of around twenty to share our learning process with our peers. It is commonly said that we learn more from our peers than from the classroom. The discussion groups provided us the opportunity to do just that; learn from our fellow students. Later in the day we have seminars, educational discussions lead by current or recently graduated Yale students. This is where every attendee is encouraged to talk and ask questions to experience a taste of a real Yale classroom with legitimate lesson topics. This is not only entertaining but helpful in exposure to unique topics in which may otherwise not been pursued.

While I could go on and on about the amazing times with academics this camp beholds, it is more than that. Beyond the textbook this camp undertakes the monumental task of blending hundreds of cultures and customs under one roof. Every camper comes from an unique background and is introduced to other teenagers from all over the globe. Knowing this it seems unlikely that a common ground would be found to build a solid friendship, yet through the program I have made lifelong friends whom I will cherish for years to come. This is accomplished by bringing together roughly two hundred students with one distinct mindset; their love for math and science. Through this medium the world was created, and through this basis common minds are discovered. Yale Young Global Scholars has opened my mind to new possibilities for my future and has changed my life in giving me a common base from which to build friendships for the rest of my life.

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