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"I found myself surrounded by passionate people with an insatiable desire to change the world through their actions."

"I had not only inspiration for a lifetime, but lifelong friendships and a pure and genuine excitement to discover even more."

"The YYGS program is not only a scholarly experience but a cultural experience too."

"I interacted with students who were completely different than me, yet we all shared the same passion and thrill for learning."

"Frontiers of Math and Science had a profound impact on the way I see and go about influencing the world."

"I love how YYGS not only teaches you facts but it encourages you to challenge existing ones and form your own opinions, like scientists would. "

"Each day, I met someone new and their thoughts made me critically look at my own beliefs, whether on certain issues or on general philosophies."

"I came in there wondering, “What are my peers talking about?” just to be surprised by the power of our voices."

"Thanks to lectures, I know it is okay to disagree with all kind of ideas, even if they are backed up with years of research, degrees and PhDs."

"At YYGS, however, I encountered a completely different definition of learning: questions were encouraged, arguments were embraced, and discussions were a necessity."

"We were allowed the liberty to question and cross-question the lecture faculty...and to probe everything with a newfound scientific inquisitiveness."

"I came back home with an insatiable hunger for action."

"Before YYGS I never believed it would be possible to live and learn in a diverse, multicultural setting without feeling out of place."

"The biggest lesson that YYGS taught me was that my peers are my number one resource."

"YYGS also taught me the true meaning of intelligence. Intelligence isn’t just about being smart. It is about being open minded, compassionate, and most importantly, curious."

A Letter to YYGS