A Letter to YYGS

Dear YYGS Team,

Wow! What an experience!

Yale Young Global Scholars was truly the best experience of my life; allowing me to learn a vast spectrum of knowledge. This consisted of both scientific matter and culture from my fellow scholars.

The lectures were both outstanding and mesmerising; learning about a professors’ personal journey alongside their current research was truly inspired. However, the discussion groups which followed consisted of my favourite part of the course; allowing each and every one of us to express our opinion in a controlled environment and so being able to learn about the way in which others form an argument in order to better our own. Allowing us to go on (long!) tangents, appreciating our opinions and current knowledge built my own confidence in ways I cannot express.

Seminars were expertly crafted and cleverly organised in the form of postgraduates leading them; ultimately leading to relaxed conversation about fascinating and previously unexplored topics. I’m not sure I’ve ever acquired so much knowledge in such a shortened amount of time; this has allowed me to firm my University choices to which I was previously unsure of.

Although some would say Capstone was a burden, I truly enjoyed my project, allowing me to learn about a topic so contrasting to the usual content applied within schools. My own title was ‘What are the implications of near-Earth Supernova radiation on our planet?’, something to which I was completely naive to, however now wish to explore further! My Capstone leaders were themselves extraordinary and helped my team to craft a successful presentation.

I truly cannot express how amazing this experience was! There was not one moment I did not personally enjoy, and would jump straight back on a plane to the States if I could!

I hope to return very soon!

Once again, thank you so much; I am truly indebted to you for impacting my life so significantly.

Yours faithfully,

Lizzie from England

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