"Before YYGS I never believed it would be possible to live and learn in a diverse, multicultural setting without feeling out of place."

2017 FMS
Kavya from India

YYGS-Adventure of a Lifetime!

I am Kavya, a rising senior from India. This summer I attended the Frontiers of Math and Science (FMS) Session of The Yale Young Global Scholars Program. Simply put, YYGS has been the most rewarding experience of my life!

When I checked into Branford College on Day 1 of the program, I was overwhelmed by my surroundings, by the multitude of people swarming in and out of the place. I felt that a fortnight will not be enough to learn everything, explore the campus and make new friends. YYGS proved me wrong on all three counts. The past two weeks can best be described as an emotional joyride. Yes, I know that FMS has come to an end, the lectures are over, the capstone project has been presented; but I also know that the memories created, the bonds formed will stay with me forever and ever.

Before YYGS I had never believed that it is possible to live and learn in a diverse, multicultural setting without feeling out of place. Now I know that it is possible! Although all of us were representatives of different nations and had differing cultural backgrounds, our interest in anything science and math brought us together. One day we would be discussing uses of internet of things, the other day we would debate funding of space missions. Not only did I learn about new cultures and traditions, I have made friends who are scattered in different parts of the world.

If morning lectures were for understanding complex concepts from renowned experts, the discussion sessions provided us with the perfect platform to put forth our views, ask questions and discuss different aspects of the lecture topics. Hands on activities, videos and group assignments made seminars a joy to be a part of! Our instructors were more like friends, ready to answer all our questions and interact with us.

I feel privileged to have been in company of such wonderful instructors and fellow scholars. The range of topics covered in these seminars has introduced me to concepts I had never known before. Today I know that learning isn’t restricted to course books and school classrooms. Earlier, I had restricted myself to physics and maths, subjects I enjoy studying. YYGS has broadened my perspective, introduced me to the developments taking place in different fields such as biochemistry. I am now more accepting of topics which haven’t been my choice of study and I’m eager to study them in greater detail. It is hard to sum up so profound an experience in limited words! From scavenger hunt with my family to a round of mafia in the common room; working overtime on capstone assignments to late night expeditions to Ashley’s and Yorkside; there are just so many things which make YYGS special. But, for me, the most unique aspect of that program is that YYGS isn’t just about experiencing college life for two-weeks, it is about accepting diversity, celebrating togetherness and learning in a community.

Signing off
A proud YYGS Alumna!

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