"Frontiers of Math and Science had a profound impact on the way I see and go about influencing the world."

2017 FMS 
Mavzuna from Tajikistan 

I am Mavzuna, a rising senior from Tajikistan. This summer 2017, I spent two weeks at the Yale Young Global Scholars Program doing Frontiers of Math and Science at Yale University. I feel that YYGS Frontier of Math and Science (FMS) had a profound impact on the way I see and go about influencing the world, and will forever consider it one of the best experiences of my young life. It was my first time to be in such a diverse setting which has influenced me in a lot ways that are tangible, and many others that I don’t even realize, but it has inevitability shaped my life. As part of my session, I have been assigned to several enlightening lectures and seminars which helped me to learn so much about various fields in math and science from my professors, instructors, and my peers. Before attending YYGS I was more interested in Formal Sciences and Social Sciences, and through YYGS I explored the other branches of science such as: Physical Sciences and Life Sciences. It was a great opportunity to share our views and learn different perspectives in order to gain a deeper understanding. Everything, starting from morning lectures, discussion sessions, intriguing seminars, family times, and working on the capstones with students from all over the world was fantastic!

From my experience, YYGS was so unique; so many people in the world get to experience such an immersive program with people from all over the world. The biggest lesson, that has guided me, is that it taught me how to dream bigger. I feel really lucky, to have had the opportunity to experience the past two weeks at the beautiful Branford College, where I met a lot of fascinated young global scholars. It’s impossible to not fall in love with an experience like this. Your friends are your family; you create strong friendship that you simply cannot forget. I am glad that I was able to quickly settle in and find a group of people from Macedonia, United States, China, Tanzania, Morocco, Mexico, India, and the other countries of the world, with whom I felt comfortable. Also, I was amazed by how connected with nature the campus was. What I enjoyed the most was looking in any direction and still being able to see Harkness Tower. I went to Yale with one suitcase, but came back home with wonderful memories, thousand of experiences, knowledge, lack of sleep and Facebook full of amazing friends from all over the world.

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