"I interacted with students who were completely different than me, yet we all shared the same passion and thrill for learning."

2017 FMS
Nour from Morocco 

To whomever is reading this,

Hello, my name is Nour! I'm from Casablanca, Morocco which is located in Northern Africa, right below Spain!

I must say my trip to Yale was something unexpected, I never thought it would become a reality! Now it's just a memory that I cherish with amazing and incredibly smart people from all over the world.

When I received the acceptance letter from Yale at 4 am in the morning, I was beaming out of excitement and couldn't believe that I got in! I shared it to the world and by world I mean all the people I knew and told them that I got accepted to YALE YOUNG GLOBAL SCHOLARS SUMMER PROGRAM!!!

Anyway, the day I arrived to Yale University, I was welcomed with the most kindest staff ever! I got my nametag and was shown where my room was. I opened the door to my suite, and there I met the best suite mates I could ever ask for. It was then where I sensed and predicted that these 2 weeks that at Yale will be something extraordinary!

I met people from all over the world! It was for the first time ever, I interacted with students who were completely different than me yet we all shared the same passion and thrill for learning. We all had that spark of curiosity and were guided by our super smart and friendly instructors.

In short, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget even though I didn't have much of a background of math and science and how to write research papers. The instructors prepared me and the students there who later became family to me, ensured that I had an amazing and awesome time there!!! The Yale dining hall was a place where we shared inside jokes, ate unlimited ice-cream, and also discussed deep and philosophical questions.

At this summer program, all the people that I met there surely have impacted me and now, I'm well aware of their cultures and their dreams.

I'm also more aware of what I want to pursue as a career. I learned so much stuff in general whether it was academic or social wise. Due to the lectures by professors, I now know more about climate change and astronomy. Something to this day, that I still remember from the lectures and some seminars is "the understanding" of what dark matter is. If you have asked me about dark matter before I went to this summer program, I will give you a blank stare and have no clue of what you are talking about. Another thing that I know right now by heart and will forever be engraved in my mind is my capstone research project. This project was about how gold metal nanoparticles are used in cancer treatment. I enjoyed the lectures, seminars, and capstone research classes as they were interesting and intriguing.

The Frontiers of Math and Science, Yale Young Global Scholars summer program was by far the best program I have ever experienced.

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