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"As Professor Michelle Hutchings once said, 'A truly intelligent person is never bored.'"

"It was a very good experience which led me to discover new things, think more critically and have new friends from many different countries."

"You had yourself a tight knit group of diverse individuals, from all walks of life, from all corners of the world, sitting under one roof exchanging ideas and opinions."

"I feel enriched after my YYGS experience because I never felt out of place at any moment."

"Science isn't all facts and boredom, we have to aim in the dark, and different is beautiful."

"Due to the astounding warmth and goodwill of the YYGS community, I surpassed all of my previously set limits."

"[I had] the ability to not only think out of the box but to redefine its measures."

" YYGS you don’t ‘fit in’; it’s not a puzzle. You just jump in and be you. It’s a collage."

"At YYGS, I became a better thinker."

"Having the opportunity to meet individuals from all over the world gave me a glimpse of what it means to be a global citizen."

"Being at [YYGS] felt like being in an intensely intellectual and strangely liberating world. I was surrounded by strangers that soon became friends. I talked freely to my heart’s content."

"Even though our passions differed, everyone projected energy as a global citizen in terms of recognizing the interrelationships that each issue and challenge posed."

"I learned that you are valued less for your knowing everything and more for your wanting to learn more and grow."

"The product of YYGS wasn’t a grade on a piece of paper, it was the skills that were added to the participants."

"I believe that through teamwork we are able to further the frontiers of the universe."

"I was constantly surrounded by people who truly cared about the world and its issues."

"My most rewarding takeaway from YYGS was, by far, the diverse and inspiring people I’ve met."

"I grew as a person, a leader, and a student, and I brought this back home to impact my community."

"YYGS has come to show me the importance of [...] tackling big and small issues alike."

"I made many bonds that will last a lifetime."