"As Professor Michelle Hutchings once said, 'A truly intelligent person is never bored.'"

2017 BBS
Marytha from Malaysia

My heart raced with excitement as I stepped into Yale with my guardians. I was delighted as I enter into my single-bedded room. I anticipated the adventure before my eyes.

From meeting my awesome suitemate who shares the same faith with me, meeting Paralympic swimmer to meeting a golfer who have done researches, I was always impressed. The positive and energizing study environment in Yale is just a perfect learning ‘heaven’. Everyone was always actively asking questions and trying to find solutions together. The best part is we can testify how our lecturers and instructors made groundbreaking breakthrough and discoveries. The highlights of my learning topics were learning how to decipher heartbeats, how long-non-coding RNA works and how gut microbiota affects our well being. These are just cutting edge topics that I never really thought of until I was at YYGS and sparked my interest to delve deeper into these areas in the future.

Furthermore, I gained a deeper understanding of my interest and myself. Before YYGS, I always dreamt to be a researcher, but after visiting the Yale Lab and speaking to researchers, I realized it requires a lot of repetitive effort and extra long hours to lead to some findings. Moreover, there is a big gap between research discoveries to really executing it. It actually left me reconsidering my dream job and appreciating scientific discoveries more.

In addition, my instructor, Helen made me realized the importance of the ability to share scientific concepts or researches in a layman's language. This not only tests me on how well I understand the topic, but also, enables others to apply these practical knowledge in their daily lives. Helen has ignited my interest to explore science journalism to share science with others.

I had the best moments preparing my capstone project with my teammates. I gained so much insight of how high fat diet affects our brain and how to think like a scientist. Those critical, analysis and team working skills, which I acquired, will be the cornerstone of my future endeavors. I will never forget those late night ice cream trips with them and mutual sarcasm. The combination of the five of us- Milijan, the Lady Gaga fan, Rick, the genius, Amnah, the snapchatter, Jojo and I, the audience just fit together perfectly like pieces of puzzles. Our capstone moments were always filled with laughter and sudden ‘forced’ silence to keep our team on track.

In those two weeks, I discovered the light and truth of science and am still exploring. Well, as Prof. Michelle Hutchings once said, “A truly intelligent person is never bored.” I will not stop observing, analyzing and sharing my surroundings, my knowledge and science as long as long as I have breath. Thank you, YYGS!

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