"I feel enriched after my YYGS experience because I never felt out of place at any moment."

2017 BBS
Isidora from Serbia

I started my journey with the Yale Young Global Scholars Program with the hope to understand what my future profession might look like. I can say with confidence that after spending two weeks at Yale University in the Biological & Biomedical Science Session, I have understood what it takes for one to be a scientist, why is it important to think critically and ask well-thought questions, and how many different fields are covered within the field of medicine. Ultimately, the knowledge I gained during my stay at Yale gave me more confidence to decide to pursue my carrier in medicine and reassured me not to be afraid when making that crucial decision in such a young age. Not many people have the opportunity to find that reassurance as I did.

 I realized that during my time at Yale, I was exposed to many different ways of learning the content in order to be able to look at the problem from many different angles. Firstly, during morning lectures, presented by frontiers in science and medical research, I listened to the problems from their perspectives and learned how they approached the problem in their own labs. I have heard about many innovative approaches and interventions I never knew existed and about difficulties and limitations each one of them had to go through to find the proper solution. There I learned that to succeed, in whichever endeavors one chooses, one should never be afraid of failure, but has to be brave enough to start everything all over again.

Secondly, during seminars and discussion sessions we, YYGS participants, had the leading word in
further delving into new concepts, asking more questions all with the help of Yale students and graduates. Yale taught me, indeed, what it means to work in a group of different people, and how brainstorming ideas and solving problems is much more efficient in teams than in individual environments. Moreover, by working in teams, I found how crucial good communication is between group members. This is, however, not something I am used to doing in my home country! Therefore, it was very beneficial for me to learn how to be a team and gain incentive to implement that in the classroom at home.

Thirdly, the capstone project was a highlight of my scholarly experience, where I got to feel like a true researcher by learning how to pick a right problem, do extensive research, write about it using well chosen sources, and present the solution to the public. More than everything, however, I feel enriched after my YYGS experience because I have not felt out of place at any moment. It was fascinating for me to be able to talk to peers with many different backgrounds but still with similar interests and with passion and aspiration for the same cause. I was very fortunate to meet fellow students that are extremely curious, hard-working and talented but at the same time very kind and modest. Finally, I realized that people that are doing science, finding new drugs, curing diseases, launching new projects and medical interventions are not from the science fiction movies! YYGS taught me that I have the power to be doing those things in the future, and that such problems cannot be left for someone else to solve them instead.

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