"[I had] the ability to not only think out of the box but to redefine its measures."

2017 ASE
Uljad from Albania

As I would fill the blank spaces in the application I still could not believe that it would happen. However I tried my best, I trusted in the strength of my application. Until late March when I got the results, (that day everything else seemed so boring) I never took it for granted, I would see it as a distant unimaginable thing, the same way I will see it as soon as I check out. I arrived and everybody was so helpful, the participants were eager to make new friends and socialize, and I literally felt the warmth of home, after weeks of traveling alone and endless complications.

The academic experience had nothing to do with my expectations. Coming from a background of intensive training on hard sciences, olympiads and challenging problem solving tests, I perceived science in a very theoretic, systemic and complex way. I would project my life through multi-variable equations and physics laws, thinking that there was more to life and that that was science. At Yale I learned that there is more to science and that is LIFE. We were told, better than ever before, to start simple and do everything. Training intensively for science, learning to mathematically prove and utilize formulas does not necessarily make you a scientist. During the lectures I saw that people built from simple observations and ideas to outstanding breakthroughs. The lecturers were high-achieving, humble and acknowledged their lab collaborators. Amazing scholars gave us lectures and insights. When listening I knew that I was not just listening to a review from a well-informed academic, but actually an empiric opinion from a scientist that will affect how everyone in the world will see and explain the topic.

Another amazing feature of this whole experience were undoubtedly the mind-opening talks with the instructors. With their patience they would answer all of my questions, even the stupid time-wasting unnecessary ones. I now feel I know more about the perspective of education, where should I look and where should I focus, it is nothing compared to reading online or archaic consulting. Moreover the seminars were quite engaging, some of them more academically inclined than some others. Having done all the readings I was hyped and charged to give out my best and overcome the expectations and promises of my application and I objectively think I did.

The family group was a great support! YINGJIE was AMAZING and really supportive, she made us feel home and her seminars were exciting, well-designed and super informative. I got to understand the creative potential of science, the ability to not only think out of the box but to redefine its measures. Science was not only something distant that was only discussed in closed rooms with chalkboard walls, it was part of the everyday life, at full capacity at all times! I learned that you can reach the skies by starting simple! YYGS is a life changing experience! I am an improved version of me now that everything is over! And ASE helped me really understand more than ever science as the ultimate tool to change the world!

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