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"Most of us are cultured into believing medicine is the end-all and be-all of science. YYGS showed us that on the contrary, there are so many exciting branches of science to be explored such as biotechnology, biomedicine, and biophysics."

"The two weeks I spent at Yale this summer provided me with a truly unique and enriching educational experience."

"One of the most special aspects of YYGS is that Yale undergraduate and graduate students teach all of the seminars. This presents a variety of uncomparable intellectual opportunities."

"It was an opportunity for us to all be together, a diverse group yet linked with all the same passion for international relations, modern affairs and the security of every country. We all had something unique to bring, our own opinion, our own voice."

"Everything started with our names and where we came from, but, through the days, those friendships became as strong as lifetime ones."