"I saw the world differently; one hundred and fifty nationalities embarking a journey of great happiness, love, peace and mainly science."

2017 FMS
Mohamed from Tunisia

I’m Mohamed, and I come from Tunisia; a lovely country located in North Africa. I’ll graduate from school in June 2018 as it’s my final year in high school.

Attending YYGS was the best journey I’ve ever had as it taught me many valuable lessons that boosted my ambitions and gave me joyful moments that my heart will treasure forever. I remember the first day there, after breakfast, we gathered in the courtyard of Branford spending the check-in few hours getting to know each other and celebrating our diversity; that moment was very special, it made me realize that WE REPRESENT THE WORLD, we all came from different backgrounds, locations, cultures but our differences were the spice of our assembly. The term “cruel” world whether it’s a reality or a delusion was absolutely a lie at that specific moment because I saw the truth, I saw the world differently; one hundred and fifty nationalities embarking a journey of great happiness, love, peace and mainly science.

Every single moment in YYGS, was knowledge whether it’s a talk with a friend on dark energy or a seminar with inspiring instructors or a lecture on the Higgs Bosom, but there was definitely a moment that stood out; it was from a lecture delivered by Mr. Michael Honsberger when he said that science is designed to fail. At first, I didn’t perceive this claim as always I believed that science is the key to the greatest accomplishments of mankind and obviously it’s related to success rather than failure. But with reflection, I could see his point; we usually take science for granted but it’s not the case because that way anything can be known while the purpose of science is to reveal the unknown and to challenge ignorance.

The most memorable moment from YYGS was certainly the most challenging one; the last two days in the program. For the first time in my entire life that I felt powerless, I hoped that the time dilates and lasts for a little bit longer; I was walking everywhere trying to hold every corner in my memory and to store all those faces that I loved their companionship in my heart and never forget them. Although it was painful to realize that I may not see them again it made more determined to enjoy those two days to the fullest to make them the best ending for an amazing experience in which I gained a family.

Falling in love with the environment there in YYGS, made me consider the idea of coming back to the US. I was not sure about my studies after finishing high school but those two weeks in New Haven were Heaven, I found the perfect life style and all the opportunities for me to shine. It was clear that Yale University is the perfect place for me and coming back became a major goal that I have to fulfill. In particular the visit to the Astronomy Graduate Students & Extreme Precision Spectrometer Lab and the talk with students there gave me a glance at how my career would be, the multiple paths I should consider and the challenges awaiting me.

I’m so grateful to YYGS for believing in me and giving me this lifetime experience, being there was a privilege; I hope that many generations benefit from this outstanding program and I’m looking forward to know each one of them once they join the YYGS Alumni network, learn from them and help them.

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