"Never have I been surrounded by such a diverse and driven group of students."

2017 IAS
Marios from Egypt

My name's Marios and I'm currently a senior in high school in Alexandria, Egypt. YYGS has truly been one of the best experiences of my entire life so far. Never have I been surrounded by such a diverse and driven group of students. I've become friends with countless people from all over the world, and over the course of the 2-week program, I was exposed to so many new opinions and viewpoints. I really can't stress enough how valuable the friendships I made at Yale are to me. Common passions and interests brought me close to people from both my discussion and capstone groups, all of whom contributed to debates and conversations and brought new ideas to the table.

By far, however, the one person I grew the closest to during the program, was my friend Isabel. Every night we'd go out for ice-cream and doughnuts before returning to Saybrook to finish up our Capstone work. Our conversations ranged from lighthearted stupid jokes, to complex and philosophical debates. Although I only got to meet her fairly late (that is, sometime during the second week) into the program, I must say that our friendship clicked immediately. It seems as though we don’t actually live this far apart since we are in constant communication. In fact, we’re already planning when we’re going to meet again! One thing I will never forget, is discovering, what we coined, "The Special Mini-House of Commons" room. While on the search for a quiet place to work, my capstone group and I came across this odd, wood-paneled room. We settled in there, and for the two weeks we spent at Yale, we proclaimed that space as our very own working spot. We’d skip dinners just to sit in that room and munch that hard-earned pizza for which we walked 15 minutes to buy from the store! To this day I'm still in the dark about the real purpose of the room, but I definitely won't forget the many memories created within those four - quite dusty - walls. Most of my Seminars were absolutely fantastic! They all taught me to look at problems and issues with new perspectives.

I'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank my two Capstone instructors, Sharon & Ying. Both served as excellent mentors and friends, teaching me a lot in terms of writing and university life in the United States. Regarding collegiate studies, YYGS has definitely broadened my knowledge. To bluntly tell the truth, I've fallen in love with the school, hence I'll be applying to Yale College in early November of this year. I’m extremely proud to be able to call myself a YYGS alumnus and I couldn’t have asked for a more insightful, enriching, and thought-provoking summer. I flourished as both a scholar as well as workmate during my time in New Haven and I’m beyond thankful the opportunities I was provided with.

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