"[YYGS] is a program that truly believes in students, while helping them invest their time and effort to make them reach hidden potentials."

2017 FMS
Nada from Morocco

My name is Nada. I am from Morocco and I'm currently a senior in high school.

Participating in YYGS this year was a quantum leap for me. Now I feel more than ever before ambitious, determined and super excited to explore the world and help change it to become a better place. Yale Young Global Scholar is the best thing that had ever happened in my life. After participating in YYGS, my vision of seeing the world has changed because going to the US and living in a beautiful campus of a Yale university college was one of the pivotal moments in my life. It made me see the world with new eyes. It also changed my thoughts about life in the US and helped me discover so many things. One of which is diversity. Meeting with people from all over the world is a wonderful thing. I learned new traditions and had really good time.

Eight months ago, when I applied for the YYGS program, I was playing the odds. Even though I usually have high expectations for things to come, I wasn’t so optimistic about being accepted to the YYGS program, for a very simple reason that I have never applied for neither such programs abroad nor a scholarship to cover program fees. Not receiving a full tuition scholarship was synonymous to not participating in the program. Actually, being a girl and a member of a Moroccan modest family, made my chances to participate in YYGS zero to none. Thus, I was counting so much on that full scholarship.

I still remember that day of March 28, that is by coincidence my birthday, when I received the letter of acceptance with a full tuition scholarship from the YYGS program’s team, who is by the way highly professional and very friendly. At that very moment, I couldn't hold back my tears. That was big happy news!

In fact, I don’t think I have ever learned as much as during the 2017 Frontiers of Math and Science session of YYGS. Starting from day one, seeing these professionals talking about their jobs, their areas of interest, but more especially how did they get there was inspiring and extremely motivating. Lectures from Yale professors were the suitable occasion to open large discussions and ask multiple questions about lecture topics. In seminar topics, which are totally of our choice, I had as multiple and diverse subjects as physics, chemistry, biology, math, computer science, and economics. That allowed me to know more about each field of science and helped me target my areas of interest. This will definitely serve my future applications for university studies in the US or abroad. Besides, what was so extraordinary for me is the "Special Meals" with PhD students talking about their experiences and giving us advice.

Meeting with awesome and talented young people from all over the world is a great thing. The YYGS program is not only a scholarly experience but a cultural experience too! I have learned about new traditions of different countries and had really nice time talking to ambitious people like me. I never would have thought that a group of strangers would become my second family in a short time. The YYGS program is a place to make very good friends from all over the world. It is a program which truly believes in students, while helping them invest their time and effort to make them reach hidden potentials.

This experience influenced my plans for school. I had never thought of studying abroad untilparticipating in YYGS because I found that their way of studying is totally different to ours. Their courses are interesting. Now I think of making my application to Yale University because I found what I was dreaming of in that university.

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