"YYGS really wasn’t your ordinary science camp or summer program, it went way beyond academics and exposed me to a melting pot of cultures, diversity and differences."

2017 BBS
Nana from Ghana

I remember waking up and the sun looking brighter than it’s ever been before. I slid out of bed in an instant, and several minutes later, I was slipping out of my suite, chuckling to myself as the mental picture of my adorable Brazilian roomie, Duda, still asleep and clutching onto her Iron Man doll, auto-saved to my memories…

That day was an eventful day – my last day of YYGS and although it was characterized by sadness, the end to a remarkable two-week journey, I was all smiles jogging down to Trumbull for breakfast. Please don’t get me wrong, I speak for EVERY other YYGS participant when I promise you I wish I could have stayed at YYGS the rest of my life; making cookie dough ice-cream my permanent dinner; the Branford common room my go-to hangout; and looking forward to many more nights of roaming New Haven streets, gallivanting in the basement and unplanned movie nights with suitemates.

It was truly tear-jerking later that day driving off the beautiful grounds of the Yale campus with its amazing society of scholars and friends, but that last day represented a lot more; an enormous celebration and immense achievement for each of the extraordinary people, students, instructors and lecturers, from all of earth’s sides, that I got to share my YYGS session with.

Right now, back home and safely returned to the cozy arms of my desk chair, I don’t regret a single thing looking back. YYGS was a colorful experience for me; warm pink smiles beaming at me morning to night; orange explosive shrieks and cries of laughter wherever two or three YYGS members were gathered; purple stirring emotions whilst sitting in a lecture, "soaking up all that science," learning about never-before-heard-things like unique regenerating planarians and even taking a music lesson with sounds originating exclusively from the human body (P.S. that was my favorite lecture). It was moments like these at YYGS that made me realize the beauty in science – the thrill of discovery, scientific and groundbreaking research, and the total excitement, of being the one in control of it all – Yes! You, being the scientist, who just has to be determined and needs only a question to start. Science is as simple and elegant as that; making observations, questioning your environment, gathering valid evidence and eventually sharing the knowledge. Probably, the lesson that resounds with me the most is something Doctor Michelle Hutchings told us, "If you can’t communicate what you have done in science, you shouldn’t have done it at all," which just sums up that Science has a purpose; to educate, to inform and to better the world around us.

From morning lectures, to dynamic seminars and memorable events such as MOVIE NIGHT (WHOOP WHOOP!) and Speaker series, I was whipped up in an never-ending high as I learned more about branches under Biology I never knew I had deep interests in; Philosophy of Life, Genetics, among others. More valuable gems were the fast friendships that were formed and cast in stone in under two weeks – my snapchat alone overflows with stories from faraway Australia to the gorgeous Mauritius Island. Let’s not forget, I can count friends living in 30 out of the 50 states in America. YYGS really wasn’t your ordinary science camp or summer program, it went way beyond academics and exposed me to a melting pot of cultures, diversity and differences.

The only thing I can think to do when I remember YYGS is smile, smile as if I hold all the happiness in the world – and no, I am NOT exaggerating. I miss absolutely everything; receiving emails and text messages from ever-friendly Josh Block; discussions sections that Mr. Charles Hernandez and Miss Nadia Irwanto ALWAYS made lively; Friday BBQ and cookouts; my “homie” and favorite instructor, Archibald (Archiee) Enninful; free time starting 9 pm all the way to 11 pm and so many things this short reflection cannot capture.

To all the amazing people I met over this summer and to organizers of YYGS, I say thank you. Be expecting to see these YYGS BBS Alumni ’17 become the solutions to the world’s problems, forefront thinkers and problem-solvers, just like you have taught us to be. To prospective YYGS participants, I say don’t hold yourself back, give the application your very best and Good Luck!

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