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"We were teens gathered all together for one purpose: to understand how we can help our society for a better future..."

"We were just teenagers from all around the world, learning and sharing what we know with each other, asking so many questions and ready to explore the world."

“At YYGS, we were inhaling knowledge; innovative ideas and revolutionizing thoughts served as a fuel for our mitochondria to convert into ATP.”

"The aftertaste of YYGS is a sweet one- the friends I made are still with me, the knowledge I’ve gained still remains; and that the impacts of this experience on me, as an individual, have made me a better person, and will push me forward for years to come."

"Despite the incredible diversity amongst us all, everyone had a shared enthusiasm for the sciences and a burning desire to delve deeper into learning more."

"At YYGS, walls of isolation were cracked, [and] thought-provoking and transformative dining hall talks are a recurring and common event."

"YYGS was my chance to win friendship and experience..."