"We were teens gathered all together for one purpose: to understand how we can help our society for a better future..."

2018 IAS
Ana from Mexico

Fear, jitters, concern- but above all, excitement, happiness, thirst for knowledge. These are the words that describe how I felt during the best two weeks of my entire life. Since the moment I applied for this program, I couldn't imagine the opportunity it was going to happen. I felt that I was not enough to get into a program like this, but we only have one chance in life, and it was the perfect moment for me to try. When I got the good news that I was accepted into this incredible program, tears came out and I felt gratitude to all the people who had supported me.

The first day I entered Yale's buildings, WOW. I could not believe what I had in front of my eyes. It was time for a new experience, time for new knowledge, time for new friends. The friendships I made during this program became some of the most important ones in my life. All the culture, feelings, and even the jokes I learned from them became part of the best experience I ever had.

The projects and the everyday lectures helped me to expand my mind and to have a more critical opinion of what our world is suffering from right now. We were teens gathered all together for one purpose: to understand how we can help our society for a better future, and look for solutions to all the international problems that are affecting our communities nowadays.

I cannot lie to you, I was really nervous before going to the program. There were a lot of fears that didn't let me give my best. But when I got to know the other students and all the things they were able to do, I realized that they were a motivation for me and for many more young people. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't be at the same level as them, but instead of feeling bad or giving up, I tried to learn from them.

All the smiles, the hugs, the laughs and every conversation I had, they were pure happiness for me. I just can't stop being grateful for all the people that were part of these two weeks. I would not change this experience for anything else and I really hope that lots of more people can experience something like this too. Finally, I left those buildings with the truest smile and with the desire to create a better world to all those people that surround me. 

Thanks YYGS, for creating the best experience of my entire life.

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