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"My peers allowed me to see the importance of diversity in opinions by bringing up new ideas and arguments."

"Curiosity overtook my thoughts as I remembered approaching and dissecting topics I had little to no prior knowledge of and coming to love them."

"I now have brothers and sisters from all 128 countries and 50 states."

A Love Letter to My YYGS Community

"YYGS provided a base, but the true education and growth came from the people we met along the way."

"People, whether the instructors or the students, are the essential part of YYGS, giving the program its heartbeat."

"YYGS is..."

"I used to think about problems only in my local point of view, without consideration to other cultures, probably because I did not know much about them. But at YYGS, that changed as I also thought about problems that other cultures faced."

"I am no longer the girl who was afraid of asking questions- I’ve become, instead, a confidently inquisitive scientist who’s eager to discover new things about the world around me."

"YYGS changed my life and gave me the inspiration to pursue what I love, no matter how difficult it is."

"Learning does not only happen in lectures, seminars, or capstone groups, but it also happens during meals, family time, and with your suitemates at night."

"I had always considered myself a citizen of the world, but when I came to YYGS, I –for the very first time- got a real sense of what that really meant."

"Meeting a surprisingly great number of diverse students and learning about them and their cultures in a melting pot of ethnicities is entirely different than reading about these people in the news."

"In every part of the program, I had conversations about different cultures, languages, lifestyles and religions that opened my eyes to the value of our differences."

"To me, the world was the immediate people around me, my community and to the greater extent, my country. However, that definition has changed a great deal."

"I met people from places I couldn’t locate, from places I thought were mysterious, and from places of which I only knew the name. I learned about traditions, languages, geopolitical conflicts, and issues that I never knew existed."

"Many of the conversations I had with students from different countries, especially from the Middle East and Asia, helped open my eyes to the current situations in those places."

"I learned that we are too young to have boundaries placed between us because of our diversity. We share great things in common."

"Bringing together young people coming from different horizons, urging them to work together to solve current problems in the world is the best way to assure the world a future generation of honest, dedicated leaders who respect the beliefs, traditions and lifestyles of others."

"From the knowledge and perspectives I gathered from discussions to the research skills I acquired during the Capstone Project, my cognitive abilities were stretched and extended beyond my limits."