"Curiosity overtook my thoughts as I remembered approaching and dissecting topics I had little to no prior knowledge of and coming to love them."

2018 ASE
Rebekah from California, USA

I woke up this morning and for a fleeting second, I was at B32 in the Davenport Residential College, looking up at the smooth off-white ceiling. Those 14 days were a clear blur, a real fantasy, a home on Mars.

Excitement flooded my heart as I remembered eagerly awaiting the lunch lady to bellow “GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!!”. Together, with the most amazing people I’ve ever met, we would gather around one of the long chestnut-brown dining tables for meals and chatter about almost anything that could come to mind, from wink-mafia to carbohydrates to philosophical dilemmas. Motivation rushed through my body as I remembered the ardent passion with which each researcher spoke during the lecture. My peers would have a gleam in their eyes as they intently absorbed and processed every spoken word. Glee lightened my heart as I remember rushing over to Blue State Coffee with my friends to beat the line after lecture. We would wear a smug smile on our faces if we made it early enough to be the first in line. Contemplation occupied my mind as I remembered the profound discussions my peers and I held during breakout sessions. We would etch our way into forming our own perspectives on the lesson we learned during lecture using the ideas inputted by our peers. Curiosity overtook my thoughts as I remembered approaching and dissecting topics I had little to no prior knowledge of and coming to love them. My hands would cramp as I ferociously took down notes. Warmth comforted me as I remembered the kindness and inclusiveness the people of YYGS showed to one another. We wanted to hear one another; we wanted to understand one another; we wanted to unite with one another. Urgency made my heart skip a beat as I remembered my Capstone and Simulation group hurriedly fumble together evidence and essays for the deadlines that always seemed impractical. My group and I would become so immersed in research, we’d forget that time existed- unfortunately, quite literally. Gratefulness overwhelmed my emotions as I remembered receiving the phone call from QuestBridge announcing my acceptance to this summer program. Every morning I woke up during the program, thankfulness swelled my heart as I once again remembered QuestBridge saw the potential in me to grow from the opportunity they gave me.

But then I sat up and reality hit that I was not at Yale anymore.

Oddly enough, however, that feeling of excitement, motivation, glee, contemplation, curiosity, warmth, urgency, and, most importantly, gratefulness, did not fade away. Rather, it became stronger and stronger as I realized that I now was a Rebekah who had experienced life at a world-renowned university, who had friends from all across the globe, and, most importantly, who finally saw the potential within herself.

I am privileged and honored to have been able to meet such unique and beautiful people during this program from code Einstein to musical genius to class clown and have learned so much more than I ever could in my hometown. Each morning when I see “99+ messages” on my YYGS Facebook messenger group chat from these amazing people, I am able to remind myself that Yale Young Global Scholars was indeed not a dream and that, though I may not be at B32 in the Davenport Residential College, my heart still belongs to the experiences I had there.

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