"I now have brothers and sisters from all 128 countries and 50 states."

2018 ASE
Leyan from Palestine

I did it! I went to The Yale Young Global Scholars Summer Program at Yale. It seemed impossible at the beginning but I was accepted. I got there and expected to be the odd one out and to not fit in, but instead, I met the most amazing, smart, and diverse group of people. They welcomed me with open arms, starting with the amazing instructors who checked me in, to my fabulous roommates, to the amazing people in my family, capstone group, and all my seminars. Even though my family didn’t win the award, we were in second place. The rainbow family led by the amazing Helen was the best family I could ever ask for. My capstone group was great. It was extremely hard, and I felt like it was challenging to some extent, but it encouraged me to learn more and go to my dorm every night after hanging out with my friends to research. All of my seminars were mind-blowing. Most of them got me to the conclusion that science is moving very fast and everyday there is a new realization. They taught me that I am a young scholar soon-to-be a little scientist. I’m not exaggerating if I said I found myself in YYGS. Yes, I did- in that last lecture about Building Robots that was taught by Dr. Brian Scassellati. I would like to thank him from the deepest of my heart. He didn’t just reach my brain, but he also reached my heart. That lecture reminded me exactly of why I was in YYGS and what I wanted to do in the future. He basically reminded me that no matter how hard it gets, if you have a good cause and good intentions, you’ll get there eventually. 

I believe YYGS is a fabulous experience. It was the most amazing two weeks I ever had. We went to a lab tour and it gave me a glimpse of what I would be doing in the years after high school. It got me less nervous and more excited about the University experience. YYGS was basically perfect. I learned, made friends, had fun, and most importantly I was me- crazy, loud, nerdy Leyan- for two weeks, with no judgments or weird looks. I love YYGS and I love my new family. I now have brothers and sisters from all 128 countries and 50 states. 

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