"In every part of the program, I had conversations about different cultures, languages, lifestyles and religions that opened my eyes to the value of our differences."

2018 ASE
Mohamed from Tunisia

My name is name is Mohamed, a 17 year-old Tunisian student. Before applying to Yale Young Global Scholars, I attended Yale Young African Scholars’ Ghana session in 2017, which is a summer program dedicated to creating young leaders and changemakers from all around the African continent. YYAS was an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the African cultures and societies, and led me to dream about living the experience on a wider scale and broadening my knowledge to a global level.

As I arrived at Yale, I was feeling excited for this new experience even though I had many fears about starting this big challenge as part of a program where students came from 126 different countries. I was wondering how I was going to play an important role in such a big program. I still remember the day of my arrival. Despite the long trip, at that very moment, I felt many emotions from happiness, to pride, to self-satisfaction. I was feeling grateful for all the things that drove me to this highly selective and life changing program. Beside the great architecture of Yale and its dorms, I was amazed by the warm welcoming of the staff who made us feel as comfortable as possible. From the first interaction, I was impressed by the talented, smart and interesting people who had done many amazing things to change the world. Sharing our experiences, views, and perspectives was an inspiring part of the program. I learned about youth in other countries and learned to be open to many other opportunities internationally.

YYGS was so much more than just learning about biology, mathematics and sciences. It was also a cultural experience that made me feel comfortable in an international family. In every part of the program, I had conversations about different cultures, languages, lifestyles and religions that opened my eyes to the value of our differences. The diversity of the program’s participants is what makes YYGS a unique experience where you can make friends from countries- countries that you previously never knew about. I learned how to accept the other no matter how many disagreements we had. YYGS taught me how to interact with people, how to be understanding and learn from our differences, but most importantly, to be myself.

Now that I am a YYGS alumni, I am more open-minded, independent and ambitious. I am more excited to start a new journey and to discover new things. The whole experience shaped a stronger, wiser and more social me and has helped me decide what to do in the future. I still cannot believe that in just two weeks, I have made strong friendships with mentors and staff. YYGS was an opportunity for me to gain self-esteem and gave me the strength to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. Today, I am more eager to start with my college application and make important decisions in my life. At YYGS, I was exposed to a wide variety of things and fields that actually changed my dreams and interests. I am now more interested in AI and biology, and even more interested in mathematics.

I am so grateful to YYGS for making a meaningful impact on my personality and my critical thinking. Everyone deserves to take part in the program. Don’t hesitate to apply to this life changing program and be a part of the YYGS family!

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