"Learning does not only happen in lectures, seminars, or capstone groups, but it also happens during meals, family time, and with your suitemates at night."

2018 ASE
Abdullah from Egypt

I still remember waking up on a vacation day to find out that I had been accepted with a full scholarship to attend YYGS. It was like a dream come true. I could not believe that I was really accepted until I saw my flight tickets. I am Abdullah, a high school senior student from Egypt who lives in Saudi Arabia.

YYGS influenced my way of thinking and let me interact with people literally from all over the world. Interacting with like-minded people from all over the world and learning about their cultures and traditions was invaluable. It made me see the world from a whole different set of perspectives.

I think that one of the biggest benefits I gained from YYGS was getting to know the amazing instructors who were very supportive and interesting people to talk to or have a meal with. I remember having a conversation with a Christian instructor. We each talked about our religion and learned from each other’s insights and ideas. This made me learn a lot of information about Christianity while teaching him about Islam. I also liked the seminar I had about blockbuster movies and the movie industry. This seminar instructor taught me a lot about movies and movie companies. I also really liked the last lecture about “Robots That Teach” from Professor Brian Scassellati. It was really an interesting lecture about a field I am interested in, and the Professor managed to keep the lecture interesting the whole time. This lecture was one of the most memorable things from YYGS.

YYGS showed me what it is like to be a college student, and how to conduct and present a research project. It was my first time doing a presentation and I was really nervous, but our instructors were very supportive and helped us a lot in our capstone project. This program made me interested in fields I had never thought I would be interested in. Before coming to the program, I was interested in only math and physics. After the program, I want to research other interesting fields like sand, for example. The best thing about YYGS is that learning does not only happen in lectures, seminars, or capstone groups, but it also happens during meals, family time, and with your suitemates at night.

YYGS impacted my plans for university and assured me that engineering is the appropriate field for my interests and likes. Living at Yale University for two weeks and seeing the environment there definitely encouraged me to apply to Yale in the single choice early action cycle.

I first found out about this program in November and thought that I would never get in, so why bother apply? But then, I saw the program again in early January and someone supported and encouraged me to apply and take a chance. I never regretted applying. So, my advice to prospective scholars is that no matter what you think your chances are, the only way you guarantee rejection is by not applying.

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