"This program is an opportunity that every young scholar should aspire for."

2018 ASE
Peter from Ghana

Departing from Ghana, it took a total of twelve and a half hours on two planes, four and a half lonely hours in an airport in Casablanca, and two long hours in a car from New York to New Haven until I had come to the end of my journey to attend the much-awaited Yale Young Global Scholars Program.

Participating in the 2018 YYGS at Yale was very important to me. It was going to be the moment in my life where I was going to experience a greater number of young scholars from foreign countries and cultures than I had ever met before. I was eager to learn and to share ideas on science and engineering. As a proactive measure, I arranged for extra tutoring in my high school in Ghana to make up for the weeks I was to spend at the Yale Young Global Scholars Program.

Days in the Yale Young Global Scholars Program were intriguing. “I have something very important to tell you so give me your attention... GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY!!” This was how Joane, a member of the Yale Dining staff, greeted us each morning. This warm welcome kindled a spark of happiness and readiness to begin our daily tasks.

Each day commenced with lectures right after breakfast on the various applications and methods of science. The organization of lectures was innovative. To make lessons practical, scientists were invited to share their research and work experience with participants. Breakout sessions and simulation were great platforms to share my ideas on topics relating to technology and science and to learn from others' ideas. The group work involved in simulation taught me how to work in a team and to become a valuable team asset.

It might seem that YYGS was all work and no play. However, there was a good balance and room for recreation. I was privileged to socialize with some of the nicest people on the planet; from lively talks with my friends at meal times to playing online games with my suitemates, YYGS had something fun going on just a step away. I could grab some ice cream with newfound friends, play pool in the game room, or join a sing along in the Davenport courtyard.

Memories of YYGS make me ecstatic. I recall how my capstone instructors, Edward and Kelly, coached us to research and present an actual solution to a problem in just two weeks. The whole capstone experience still remains fresh in my mind. It was a learning process, a fun experience, and proof that with the right team and resources, one could solve any and every problem.

In a nutshell, YYGS offered me the world in the palm of my hand. I made great networks throughout the lectures, seminars, breakout and capstone sessions. "Do not be sad you are leaving, be happy that it happened," said one speaker at YYGS. This opportunity was indeed worth taking. I am proud to have made this tough decision to attend the YYGS ASE 2018 program. I must say that this program is an opportunity that every young scholar should aspire for.

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