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"Over the course of two weeks, we truly became global citizens, sharing a common passion: the goal of making the world a better place through our knowledge of science."

"Learning did not come only from the lectures or seminars, but also from the breakout sessions and by speaking with other students."

"We could immerse ourselves in Chinese culture... all of that distinguished how diverse the world is."

“YYGS opened my eyes to a global way of learning with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds bringing new perspectives.”

"You rediscover your love for learning as you participate in discussions encouraging pure intellect and attend lectures advocating creativity and fearless curiosity."

"As young students, we all have our own dreams and plans for the future, and YYGS gave us the opportunity to meet students sharing the same aspirations and learn from each other.

"My little experience with practical science and technology didn´t become an obstacle at all. If anything, it became an inspiration and motivation for me to get myself more involved in those aspects."

"I was taught to take everything I know as true and question it, tear it apart, dissect it into its rawest form. I emerged not only stronger in my beliefs but also a more passionate and eloquent defender of them."

"Quite different from my other summer school experiences, I made friends with more people from around the globe."

"After 2 weeks, 14 days, 20160 minutes, I left Beijing with unbreakable relationships, a greater understanding of the world, a newfound interest in Asia, and as a true Yale Young Global Scholar."

"I learned lots of new things about science, but I also learned how to ask a question, how reach out for help, ... the significance of accepting yourself entirely, and most importantly, that everything is possible when you work hard and try again."

"The program drew me in with its inclusive community and supportive people, and each day was filled with joy and celebration."

"At school, I was a muddled version of myself, but at YYGS, I could embrace every aspect of my true technicolor self, in social and learning aspects."

Scenes from YYGS