"Over the course of two weeks, we truly became global citizens, sharing a common passion: the goal of making the world a better place through our knowledge of science."

ASE 2018
Phillip from South Korea

My name is Phillip, and I am from South Korea.

I learned about YYGS through my best friend, who participated in the ASE session in the summer of 2017. After he came back from the program, he talked non-stop about the amazing experiences he had and how unforgettable they were. I wanted to check out the program for myself, so I applied for the ASE session in the summer of 2018.

Now that it’s been a while since I completed the program, I can confidently say that YYGS has been a turning point in my life. YYGS is the perfect place for passionate and ambitious future leaders to explore their intellectual curiosities. It provides opportunities for students to delve further into things that excite them. The program is packed with eye-opening lectures from highly renowned professors, engaging breakout sessions and seminars, and opportunities to experience state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. I learned so much about the different realms of science and all the innovative research that’s being done in each of them.

However, the best thing that YYGS had to offer was the people. I learned just as much through the interactions I had with other people as I learned in the classroom. YYGS is a cultural melting pot that truly does justice to the name “Yale Young GLOBAL SCHOLARS.” I met students from over a hundred different countries. And there were so many kind and compassionate instructors who helped us through our two weeks at YYGS. We held energized conversations about our cultures and backgrounds, shared our values, and came to embrace our differences. It was very inspiring to hear students’ stories during the Student Speaker Series - I found myself on the verge of tears many times. Over the course of two weeks, we truly became global citizens, sharing a common passion: the goal of making the world a better place through our knowledge of science. YYGS really gave me a new perspective on life, a global perspective that made me realize there’s much more in this world than I could ever know. I will forever be grateful to YYGS allowing me to experience a level of diversity that I couldn’t have experienced elsewhere.

It’s been a while since the program ended, but I will never forget the people I met and the memories I made during my two weeks at YYGS. All the things I experienced have now become a small but significant part of who I am - the little conversations that I had with my friends during our walks to breakout sessions, at the lunch table, and during our late night trips to Donut Crazy; the late nights we spent playing cards in our suites and singing songs in the courtyard; playing hide and seek at Cross Campus during free time; rushing in frantically while the instructors shouted “Suite check!”; watching Korea vs. Mexico with all my friends from Mexico; and eating at Yorkside Pizza while debating whether or not pineapple pizza is an injustice. These memories have made me a new person and will define me wherever I go. I end with a Dr. Seuss quote that speaks to all YYGS students’ hearts: “Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”

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