“YYGS opened my eyes to a global way of learning with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds bringing new perspectives.”

2018 FST
Josh from Florida, USA

When I first applied to the Yale Young Global Scholars program for the Frontiers in Science and Technology session, I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure who I would meet, what lectures I would attend, or where I would live and eat. But something told me that if I were given the opportunity to participate in YYGS, that it would be the experience of a lifetime.

As the spring of my junior year approached, I put my summer plans on hold waiting to hear from YYGS. When I got my offer to attend, I was thrilled and nervous at the same time. As I began the registration process, I couldn’t believe I was about to meet students from over one hundred countries from around the world, and get the chance to live at Yale University!

 My YYGS journey began before I even got to New Haven. Later that spring I received an email to choose from the most fantastic list of lectures and seminars. I had never seen such creative seminar names and material. I found it practically impossible to rank my order of lecture and seminar preferences. My excitement began to build.

 The moment I arrived on campus, the YYGS staff and students made me feel comfortable and welcome. There was no time to be homesick. Just after unpacking, I met my new YYGS “family,” and we were off doing activities together. The program was extremely organized, and every morning, we would wake up to a daily schedule and announcements. I got to experience living and dining in one of Yale’s residential colleges, Davenport. My new friends and suitemates all agreed that the food, on and off campus, was delicious!

 Every day at YYGS was an eye-opening experience. My days were jam-packed with the most interesting lectures and seminars teaching me about cutting-edge science and technology. My Capstone artificial intelligence/robotics project and Mars simulation teams were made up of students around the world, including Antarctica. These projects were both challenging and thought-provoking, fostering competitive spirit among teams. I found myself bonding and solving problems with the brightest and most fantastic group of peers I had ever encountered.

 YYGS exceeded my expectations in every way possible. My YYGS-FST academic experience in science and technology was unparalleled and helped me to solidify my major in college: computer science and mathematics. Living on Yale’s gorgeous campus was amazing and exploring New Haven with my new friends was phenomenal. YYGS opened my eyes to a global way of learning with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds bringing new perspectives. I am grateful to be able to keep in touch with my new friends and extremely proud to be a YYGS alumnus!

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